PRfrostbox.com presents the PR Solar Oven Box! A revolutionary product that can save many lives, designed simply with the notion that anyone can enjoy healthy meals in any part of the world and be self sufficient for cooking / fuel needs.

The PR Solar Box Oven comes with our famed Wild Atlantic Salmon Meal kit which can be cooked in 3 environmentally sustainable ways! (Steam / BBQ / Solar)

If you want to be completely carbon neutral, cook your Meal in our especially designed Solar Box that can be mailed, the box is sealed / insulated so that your meal retains its freshness! A BBQ kit is also available if you prefer to cook traditionally!

Finely packed, using high quality materials! Instructions are printed on selected luxury linen card that has quirky, tech features embedded that you can explore with your phone!

If you follow Healthy Food Tech, care about the environment then you must try this new Food Tech Product offering developed and exclusive to PRfrostbox.com.


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'Tasty, healthy and refreshing!'......Now available for international shipping'!

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PR Solar Oven + Wild Salmon Meal Kit
USD $ 300.00 USD $ 301.00