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Strategic Insights - Independent, forward looking economic analysis and outlook for 2024. Answering the important questions relating to the world economy, inflation and what hedging strategies are favourable to investors.

Strategic Insights is a proprietary division of PR Tech Global. The business is a leading provider of news, analytics and research to investment professionals. Our global team of analysts in important oil producing / consuming regions explore the strategies, solutions that are available to businesses, CEO's, investment banks, hedge funds and governments.

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EDUCATION – How can the educational sector adapt and be more innovative to offer enhanced learning in pandemics?


HEALTHCARE – What actions can healthcare systems take to become COVID resilient?


TECHNOLOGY – IT & Business Transformation Solutions that keep businesses agile. PR Tech Global - Smart Business Solutions that can revolutionise your business.


COMMODITY MARKETS – Our Global team of analysts cover widely traded commodities including Brent Crude, WTI Oil, Wheat, Corn, FCOJ, Seafood and Carbon Emissions.


Featuring research, interviews from CEO's and economic analysis from technology focused Consultancy PR Tech Global Ltd. (Available in PDF / Electronic downloadable formats)

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