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    City of London - Independently operated technology and certified training consultancy PR Tech Global, registered in Great Portland Street, London is creating 100+ jobs globally through its business partnerships with IBM, Red Hat Technologies and Technology focused Film Producer P.R London and Media. The Consultancy is able to deliver certified IT & Business programmes to individuals and organisations looking to up-skill their workforce.

    Certification in Red Hat Technologies has many advantages for businesses, security and reliability being paramount. Organisations that use or favour DevOps methodology for development can save time, money simply by retraining staff and utilising Red Hat technologies. "We are able to deliver innovative technology solutions and certified IT training opportunities to businesses through our partnerships globally. Businesses are facing a challenging period of uncertainty, rising costs, the threat of war and will need to make strategic IT transformation decisions. Decision makers that have made investments in training, organisational development and technology are better positioned to adapt to business challenges in 2023 ". See how PR Tech Global can help your business.

    Register your interest for the certified IT transformation and organisational development business conference, held at iconic locations in key cities across the world. Empower your teams and attain industry recognised certification in technology and business. All of our events are delivered by world class certified trainers and leaders of business.  

    Managing Director

    Kam SINGH

    PR Tech Global - Corporate Events

    Cyber Security II Technology II Strategy

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  • PRfrostbox.com - Hot Deals!

    PRfrostbox.com is an innovative Technology focused, Digital Advertising / Publishing and Ecommerce platform with a global reach. Advertise your finest, most desirable products and services with us to a global audience!  

    We have teamed up with many exciting international brands in IT, Software, Automotive, Health, Science, Fashion, Fresh Foods, Beverages and Confectionery. We develop our own creative Ads, Interactive Programs, unique Educational content as well as offering platforms that encourage innovative ideas and commerce.

    ' Try our Fish Market Platform that connects Seafood Buyers with Sellers Worldwide!' >>> 

    We offer Digital Advertising Services, Digital Music Production, unique Educational content and Project Management Solutions with a focus on Healthcare, PPE and Food Tech to allow your Event, Staff or Business to stay responsible. Consult with us, scan the QR code below to reach us promptly or visit our Professional Services Site.


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                        HEALTHY EATING - FOOD TECH                                                 IT / WEB HOSTING SERVICE        



                         FASHION / ART & DESIGN                                                  GRAPHIC DESIGN SOFTWARE



                                    AUTOMOTIVE                                                                       E -LEARNING                  







  • Healthy Fresh Food by PRfrostbox.com


    An exclusive fish kit for 2 that is popular enjoyed steamed. Also includes a garlic butter & parsley sauce, potatoes and green runner beans for the sides. This is a quick and healthy way to enjoy fish anywhere!

    'Tasty, healthy and refreshing!'......Now available for international shipping'!

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     Buy it Now on Square Site  - Free UK delivery!                                    

    This unique fish kit is so versatile! it arrives packed fresh / frozen, all you need is a pan or oven... that is it! The kit arrives complete, if you need a kettle , cooking equipment ect.. you can buy them here on this link! <Link>           

     * We can offer financing and global shipping solutions

    Food Tech_* Reduce your carbon footprint, make your own disposable oven using the box and materials provided! *     

    Cooking Instructions (PAN):

    1) You place as many fish kits into your pan or tray that is provided

    2) Add water (that is provided)

    3) Leave in pan to simmer for 8 - 10 minutes.

    4) Take out of the pan / tray / open the seal and enjoy steamed hot!

    The great idea behind this product is that you can take this ready prepared fresh fish kit anywhere! If you are on a camping holiday, expedition or want just want to enjoy healthy, great tasting food but are not big on cooking, especially technical products like fish but need the health benefits .........then you must try this fresh fish kit!




    Looking for more Spice, Flavour and want to Eat Healthy? Try our Marinated Salmon Fish Kits for 3 Specially Selected Fresh Wild Salmon with 2 Marinades: Spicy Hot / Just Lime! (Combine the 2 marinades to create even more flavour!) If you require portable outdoor heating you can buy them here:  << Link >>    Or want a Cashmere Picnic Rug:  << Link >> 

    Food Tech_* Reduce your carbon footprint, make your own disposable oven using the box and materials provided! *   

    * Cooking time 25 minutes!  (Gas mark 6 200C) (Optional: Add Vegetables, Onions / Garlic / Potatoes to the Marinade) 

    Just combine our unique marinades with our Specially Selected Salmon and put it straight in the oven! Enjoy Hot with Rice!

    * Eating Salmon caught from sustainable fisheries is a great way to stay healthy and respect the environment! Keep your heart in check and get your natural source of Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, lower cholesterol and maintain blood pressure levels. Adding Lime to your dish will boost your immunity levels, reduce heart attacks and ensure healthy looking skin. (Avoid limes if you're allergic to citrus fruit.) 

                         >> BUY NOW! <<

    PR SOLAR OVEN                                                                                  

    PRfrostbox.com presents the PR Solar Oven Box! A revolutionary product that can save many lives, designed simply with the notion that anyone can enjoy healthy meals in any part of the world and be self sufficient for cooking / fuel needs. >> LINK <<

    Finely packed, using high quality materials! Instructions are printed on selected luxury linen card that has quirky, tech features embedded that you can explore with your phone!

    If you follow Healthy Food Tech, care about the environment then you must try this new Food Tech Product offering developed and exclusive to PRfrostbox.com.




    This is a unique, healthy way to get more from your favourite dishes. The kit for 3 comes with three blended pastas: Spinach / Pea / Broccoli. A simple Garlic / Parsley sauce and Tomato / Basil. Just follow the instructions and enjoy anywhere!

                  " All time classic! "...................Now available for international shipping!

    >> BUY NOW! << 

     Available on Wish.com                                 


    For this fresh pasta kit all you need is a pan, stove and water!

    Cooking Instructions:

    1) Add contents (pasta) into boiling water.  (Must cook the pasta)

    2) Add the sealed sauce bag into the pan (do not open)

    3) Allow to simmer for 5 - 10 minutes in medium heat

    4) Place boiled pasta in a plate and pour contents of sauce and enjoy fresh hot! 

    Similar to the great fish kits, the idea behind this product is that you can take this ready prepared fresh pasta kits anywhere! If you are on a camping holiday, expedition or want just want to enjoy healthy, great tasting food but are not big on cooking but want to eat healthy .........then you must try this fresh Pasta kit!





    This is a great vegetable soup for two that will be enjoyed by anyone! Here we have a simple vegetable stock soup that also incorporates fresh spinach pasta!

    “A Seasonal Favourite”

    >> BUY NOW! << 

    Available on Wish.com

    Cooking Instructions:

    1) Add contents of pasta into boiling water.  (Must cook the pasta)

    2) Add the sealed bag containing broth / vegetable mixture into the pan (do not open)

    3) Allow to simmer for 5 - 10 minutes in medium heat

    4) Place boiled pasta in a nice bowl and pour contents of broth and enjoy fresh hot!  (Add Chilli Flakes / Sauce!)

    Similar to the great fish kits, the idea behind this product is that you can take this ready prepared fresh soup pasta kits anywhere! If you are on a camping holiday, expedition or want just want to enjoy healthy, great tasting food but are not big on cooking but want to eat healthy ......then you must try this Healthy Vegetable Soup Kit!

    Current Offers!

    2 for 1 Veg Soup Kit / Fish Limited Time Offer! (50% Saving!)   


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                 THE PR DESSERT BOX                                                             PR- HOME BAKED BURGER KITS   


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    PR-Online Store - View all our Healthy Offers! 

    HOT BRAND PROMOTIONS! - View all our Partner brand Offers! (Healthcare / Vitamins / PPE)


                MEDICAL & PPE BOX! 


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     # " View our Post on "We Dont Have Time "

    # PRfrostbox.com is always looking for ethical ways to lower its environmental impact and we have developed our own innovative Box Solutions! All of our Healthy Food Tech products come with a Box oven kit, giving you the option to cook your healthy meal kits Off- Grid if you prefer! >> LINK <<


    # Are you planning an organised event? Require comprehensive Project Management Solutions with a focus on Healthcare, Personal Protective Equipment and Food Tech? #

    We can provide everything required for your Staff and Business to stay responsible. If you require remote technology solutions, we can facilitate this need with latest CRM Software, Productivity Tools and also develop our own to keep teams collaborating and projects moving forward.

    PR Tech Global are an approved reseller of Lenovo Technology Products & Services. See how we can help you and business flourish.

    Areas Covered

    • Specialist Buying Services – PPE / Medical Equipment, Testing Kits
    • Events Management with a Focus on Health & Personal Protective Equipment
    • Strategy / Service Delivery
    • Technology Solutions - Remote working / CRM / Productivity
    • Seafood Solutions (Pure ICE, Sourcing)
    • Healthy Food Tech (Solutions)
    • Visit our Business Management Site 
    • https://prtechglobal.square.site/
    • https://prtg.square.site/
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     # PR Tech Global Ltd is an Approved Partner of Lenovo, HUAWAI and IBM. Through our key partners we are able to leverage our technology capabilities and can offer Education providers, organisations with a multitude of IT Products / Services and Business solutions.



    # Buying or Selling Live Seafood? Try our Fish Market Services for Wholesalers / Restaurants / Suppliers /                                 > > We will match Buyer requests with Sellers Internationally! <<

    # PRfrostbox.com is raising awareness for Food Wastage Globally. If you have excess stock of live seafood such as Lobster, Oysters, why not use our system to sell to a buyer local to you rather than let it perish unfavourable.

    # Respect the Planet # 

    >>> LINK <<<


    # (Secure Electronic Invoicing / Payment Methods Available) # 


    * Stripe Climate Partner * - PRfrostbox.com is a Stripe Climate Change Partner and will contribute a percentage of each sale to help combat climate change and contribute to a healthier environment.


                                   FROSTY DESSERT AND DRINKS BOX!                               MANUKA HONEY!       

                                                 # Calling all Bar Stewards and Mocktail Lovers! #                               # Drink & Dessert Mixers! #                              


                                                    >> ORDER NOW <<                                                                  >> ORDER NOW << 

    1. # FROSTY BOX #  

    The "Frosty Box" by PR is the ultimate 3 course Meal Kit box you can enjoy with your loved ones!

    Indulge in our signature Wild Salmon that includes garlic butter & parsley sauce, potatoes and green runner beans for the sides. Then cool down and stimulate your taste buds with a Frosty Rose Crushed ICE Dessert! Refresh with a Frosty Iced Drink! (Mixers / garnishes provided). Then warm up with Earl Grey Tea!   

    * Drinking Earl Grey Tea will help fight off cancer, reduce stress and improves digestion. Adding Rose Milk to your diet will help treat skin irritation, redness and will help prevent infections!


    1. # ORANGE SUBLIME # 


    The perfect 100% Fruit Juice Drink! No Additives or Colourings are used. Combine this drink with our healthy selection of Fruit Mocktail Drinks kits or use it as a Cooking Marinade, Salad dressing to add a burst of flavour!

    Made entirely from selected citrus fruits and tastes great entirely on its own, or can be diluted with water and served as a squash! A unique, natural recipe is used and is a great way to keep healthy, Add to your daily fruit intake, add more colour to your drinks selection and events!

    * Squash* -  Dillute this drink with water and provide a healthy serving of 40 glasses from a single bottle!

    Featuring our unique QR Codes on our labelling, allowing you or guests to explore unique PRfrostbox.com content, music ect.., while enjoying a premium drink! This is more than a fruit drink.....its tech, interactive and will make your event more enjoyable! 


    2. # EXOTIC PEACH #  


    The perfect 100% Fruit Drink! No Additives or Colourings are used.  Combine this fruit drink, packed with Vitamin C with our healthy selection of Mocktail and Drinks kits to add an exotic flavour to your drinks and events! If you require personalised labelling and tech solutions to make your events special talk to our Consulting Solutions teams.



       ## Healthy Vegetable Mozzarella Pizza! / Click here to watch live Pinterest Video! ##


    # Use your phone camera to Scan / Save our customised QR Codes and have quick access to our site offers! If you are using a mobile you can download a Code Scanner app here!  or if you perfer a traditional way, try this one from our Partner Site!

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