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  • Fashion / Art & Design

    Established in 1999, ZChocolate.com is an online seller of premium handmade French chocolate. The Kingdom of Emotions range is unique! Click the image to buy. Combining Art, Style and Chocolate!  



  • IT Services / Web Hosting

    Creating a Blog feature on www.website.com

    Website.com is a cool website hosting platform. There are many beautiful designs you can choose from and plans to suit your business needs. The customer service is also responisve. Above is a quick demo of how to set up a blog on website.com and i have added my own music to suit!

    You can purchase your domain name and website here using the image link below.


    Top Web Hosting Services


    If you are looking for a reliable platform to host a website, ecommerce business or require bespoke technology solutions, above are some of the most reliable names in the business. Bluehost, founded in 2003 is a top recommended host by WordPress and also proudly supports many other open source programs, click on the above link to get started! 

    If you require further information, I have added a youtube video to get you started! 





  • Graphic Design Software - Create / Animate / Design

    Clip Studio Paint - Overview of software features with a cool tune mixed by myself!

    Learn to use Clip Studio Paint - A powerful software highly recognised in Graphics Design. Create amazing images / Stories / Animations. I have personally used this software with ease to create cool designs and images to add a colourful touch on my webpage PR TV

    If you want to purchase or download clip studio click link or icon!  <<link>> 

    If you are into your gaming like myself, get  20% off at Green Man Gaming by clicking icon!   





  • Google Web Designer - Create Interactive Programs

    Google Web Designer - Creating Interactive Programs

    Google Web Designer - Learn to Test Program Controls successfully!