Pioneering Technology Brand

The PRfrostbox brand promotes healthy eating and innovative technology. Our healthy eating eCommerce platform is viewed by over 1 million globally and we are distributors for blue chip technology companies, some of Europe's leading artisan products and high quality soft drinks. All our healthy eating products are produced by leading manufactures in large facilities in Europe, quality checked and certified. We only work with professionals and leading producers offering the finest quality available. Awarded the Best Business Technology Consultants IT Award 2023 London is a testament to our efforts and continuous success in the technology sector.   

“PRfrostbox is London's innovative technology & drinks company. Headquartered in the City of London, we offer a unique online platform where you can find healthy cooking recipes, buy our 'made easy' products, find career enhancing courses and also apply for high paying technology jobs from employers around the world. We promote healthy eating, technology, 6 figure jobs and offer global shipping on all our products" Director Kam SINGH

Established in 2020 by Technologist and Entrepreneur Kam SINGH, PRfrostbox has created many fine products, namely soft drinks that are healthy, smart and packed full of flavour. Our drinks are so unique that they can be combined with other beverages to create special mocktails, cocktails or used as marinades to create special salads, great tasting fish and meat dishes.

PRfrostbox.com also uses its platforms to raise awareness and provide solutions for Health / Food / Crisis related issues worldwide! We offer comprehensive management consultancy solutions with a focus on Technology, Healthcare, and Certified Training to allow your events, staff and business to stay responsible. Visit our professional services site for more details about our Business Management Solutions and professional training programmes. Talk to our technology team or arrange to meet us at our prestigious London office in the West End.